Apollo: 1993 in review Vol. CXXXVIII No. 382

Beginning with an editorial 'Win some, lose some' and a section of 'Apollo Awards for 1993', the magazine has several specialised articles, including:

'Parmigianino's Adoration of the Shepherds: The problem of nocturnal lighting' by Cecil Gould

'Samson destroying the Temple of Dagon: A rediscovered Rubens' by Michael Jaffé

'Michaelangelo's Samson and the Philistines: Conception, meaning and subsequent influence' by Angela Hass

'Two kings, their armies and some jugs: The Ashanti ewer' by Martin Bailey

'Ramon Lull, Miró and Surrealism: The link with medieval philosophy' by David Hopkins

'In my view...Titian's reputation: The limitation of history' by Michael Rosenthal

'The Chiaramonte Crucifix: a masterpiece in perspective' by Terence Mullaly

and further sections of 'Exhibition Reviews', 'Book Reviews', 'Round the Galleries', 'Round the Auction Houses' and 'Diary'.


December 1993 | Paperback Magazine

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