Arts of Asia July-August 1982 Volume 12 Number 4

Tuyet Nguyet (editor)

Main theme: The Antique Weavings of the Lao Neua; Includes: Chinese Cyclical Dating in Algebraic Form by Paul Kandell; Bandha Textiles by Katherine F. Hacker; Kalagas: Burmese Wall Hangings and Related Embroideries by Sylvia Fraser-Lu; Modern Mien Needlework by Margaret G. Forsythe; Sacred Cloth of Plant and Palm by Pat Justianiani McReynolds; The Use of Manipulation in Chinese Rhinoceros Horn Cups by Jan Chapman; Recollections: Elizabeth Bayley Willis and her Collections by Krista Jensen Turnbull; The Antique Weavings of the Lao Neua by Patricia Cheesman; Saleroom news by Patricia Curtin, Colin Sheaf and Robert Kleiner; Book reviews by Elizabeth H. Moore of the publication: Nonya ware and Kitchen Ch'ing: Ceremonial and domestic pottery of the 19th-20th centuries commonly found in Malaysia by the Southeast Asian Ceramic Society; by Ursula Roberts of the publication: The Art of Sukhothai, Thailand's Golden Age by Carol Stratton and Miriam McNair Scott; and by Ursula Roberts of the publication: Eight Dynasties of Chinese Painting: The Collections of the Nelson Gallery-Atkins Museum.; Collectors column: The Burlington House Fair by Heather McConnell, Satsuma Blanks Decorated in the U.S.A. by Sandra Andacht and Portugal and the East Through Embroidery by Kay Hyman.

Published by Arts of Asia Publications, Hong Kong, 1982 | Paperback Magazine

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