Catalog of the Special Exhibition of K’ang-Hsi, Yung-Cheng and Chi’en-Lung Porcelain Ware

from the Ch'ing Dynasty in the National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum

Catalogue from an exhibition of Early Ming Porcelains at the National Palace Museum, Taipei in 1986.

"This exhibit takes the famous ware of K'ang-shi, Yung-cheng and Ch'ien-lung reigns during the flourishing Ch'ing period to be the theme of an exhibit which display the best of the best. In all 171 object are on view. The glazes used on many of these wares followed Sung, Yuan, and Ming formulas. They are so close as to be difficult to tell apart from earlier glazes. On the other hand, there are newly created red glazes, famille rose, and painted enamels glazes which have very distinct and beautiful colors. They are extremely complicated, marvelously, incomparably crafted. The shapes of some of the vessels imitate famous Ting, Ju, Kuan and Ko wares with easy fluency. At times they reproduce the shapes of ancient Chinese ritual bronzes - particularly the ting, yi, tsun, and lei vessel types. Utensils for the scholar's studio were produced, like brush handles, ink rests, water containers, seals, all without any hesitation or technical limitations. When bronze, laquer, cloisonne enamel or wood was imitated, the physical qualities of the material were all captured and there is a great resemblance. The craftsmen's abilities to manipulate clay was miraculous and bordered on the divine." excerpt from the foreword by Ch'in Hsiao-yi, Director, October 1986.

Published by National Palace Museum, Taipei County, Taiwan, R.O.C., 1988 | Paperback

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