Chinese Art in the Royal Ontario Museum

Staff of the Far Eastern Department; Hsio-Yen Shih (introduction)

"The present publication does not attempt to offer an archaeological or art historical survey of China. Rather it is arranged to convey the major strengths of our holdings. Ceramics are pre-eminent and include the greatest number of examples. Bronzes, though less numerous, are among the most ancient and rarest of Chinese artifacts. The Museum's examples are distinguished by virtue of having come almost directly from their sites of discovery, for the most part. Tomb figurines are now prized by Western collectors for their immediacy of representational effect, and by Chinese for their vivid expression of historical mores. At the time the Museum acquired most of its collection in this category, few Westerners even knew what these small sculptures were, while Chinese looked askance at their collection as a result of the desecration of ancestral burials. Other categories are well represented, though with less numerical and, sometimes, aesthetic strengh." excerpt from the introduction by Hsio-Yen Shih, Curator, Royal Ontario Museum, June 1972.

Published by The Royal Ontario Museum, Canada, 1972 | Hardcover

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