Chinese Celadon Wares


Celadon is the name given to ceramic wares of a distinctive green or blue-green colour.

Such wares have been made in China for about two thousand years and include some of the most admired and famous types. They have been described as the "backbone" of Oriental ceramics and were exported from China in vast quantities from the twelfth century onwards, relics of this trade being found in many Eastern countries, especially India, Persia, Turkey, and Egypt. Godfrey Gompertz's widely acclaimed book broke much fresh ground when it originally appeared, in particular in its use of contemporary Chinese and Japanese studies. He has now brought it completely up to date for this new edition, and has incorporated the results of many years' researches and of recent archaeological excavations in China. Several chapters have been rewritten, forty-six new black and white illustrations and six new colour plates have been added, and the bibliography has been expanded.; "....A much needed survey of the subject as a whole - scholarly yet readable, and the first of its kind in the West, which will be welcomed by collectors and students uncommonly valuable synthesis of up-to-date opinion and research. No less to be recommended are its excellent illustrations among which are pieces drawn from collections in every part of the world..." John Ayers in Apollo (review of the first edition).

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