Chinese Celadons and Other Related Wares in Southeast Asia

Lu Yaw (introduction); William Willetts; Quie M.V.; John Ayers; S.R. Parker; Dato P.M. Shariffuddin and Matussin Omar; Grace Wong

Compiled by the Southeast Asia Ceramic Society in Singapore, this catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition on Chinese celadons and other related wares in Southeast Asia, organised by the SEACS together with the National Museum in Singapore IN 1979.

Beginning with an introduction by Lu Yaw, who examines the evolution of the celadon tradition in China from its beginning to the Qing dynasty, the other six articles go on to explore celadons found in Europe, India and Sri Lanka, Brunei and Sarawak, and how the Chinese production of celadons impacted on the these wares made in other centres, such as Thailand, Korea and Japan. The final article explores the role ceramics played in the tribute system in China during the Song dynasty. Comprising 294 full colour plates, this book is of utmost importance, as it encourages an interest in the ceramic art of China and Southeast Asia, as well as shedding light on the significance of the celadon type of ware.

Published by Arts Orientalis, Singapore, 1979 | Hardcover

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  • 312 pages
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