Echoing Images - Couples in African Sculpture

Alisa LaGamma

Exhibition catalogue

Idealized pairings have been an enduring concern of sculptors across the African continent. This universal theme of duality is now examined in a handsome book that presents African sculptural masterpieces created in wood, bronze, terracotta, and beadwork from the twelfth to the twentieth centuries. Drawn from twenty-four sub-Saharan African cultures, including those of the Dogon, Lobi, Baule, Senufo, Yoruba, Chamba, Jukun, Songye, and Sakalava, the sculptures tell much about each culture's beliefs and social ideals. These artistic creations are astonishingly rich and diverse forms of expression. An essay written by Alisa LaGamma discusses thirty works, all of which are illustrated in colour. This book is the catalogue for an exhibition on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, 2004 | Paperback

  • Language: English
  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780300103588
  • 21,6 x 27,8 cm
  • 52 pages
  • Book Condition: As New
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