Images from the Floating World, The Japanese Print, Including an Illustrated Dictionary of Ukiyo-e

Richard Lane

Since its discovery by the Western World in the mid-nineteenth century, the Japanese woodblock print has awakened the interest of a growing number of collectors and connoisseurs. In bust portraits, genre and Kabuki scenes, landscapes and erotica, the artists ot this hybrid school of painting and print design achieved a mastery previously unknown in these fields, forming a fitting conclusion to the long and glowing tradition of classical Japanese art.

In addition, ukiyo-e gives an incomparable record of Japanese life in the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries, before and after the opening of Japan to the West. Written by one of the foremost experts on Japanese prints, this publication is an extensive history of the development of ukiyo-e in its sociological context and of the lives of its masters, with particular emphasis on the innovation in style and techniques that each one contributed. Not limited strictly to the major artists, the work also takes into account the followers and shools, giving a comprehensive view of one of the most important epochs in Japanese art, illustrated by over 900 drawings in colour and black and white. Also included is a "Dictionary of Ukiyo-e", containing cross-referenced entries for artists, schools, techniques, historical periods, etc., Dr. Lane also describes the illustrated books, erotic albums and paintings that fall within the school of ukiyo-e. Numerous Japanese seals and signatures are reproduced in the margins, and important series such as the "Thirty-six Views of Mr. Fuji" are illustrated in full to aid scholars, collectors and art lovers. Selected bibliographies for artists in the dictionary, as well as a general bibliography and two indexes complete this fascinating book, a veritable mine of pictorial and written information for all who are fascinated by the unique magic of Japanese prints.

Published by Alpine Fine Arts Collection (UK), London by arrangement with Office du Livre, 1978 | Hardcover

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  • Hardcover
  • 25 x 29 cm
  • 364 pages
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