Jade Flowers and Floral Patterns in Chinese Decorative Art

Cheng Te-K'un

"This paper is devoted to the study of a specialized group of carved jade flowers which is generally known as yu-hua in China. Most of the carvings are small in size, thin and light, and were originally used as units in jewelery or personal ornaments. The design of these small objects may seem simple, but the jade carvers have shaped them with great skill and understanding in their desire to make them attractive and impressive. Detached from the original ornamental works of bronze, silver or gold which were matched with pearls and other semi-precious stones, each remains an individual piece of art, full of subtle charm and beauty by itself. The majority are round in outline so they may be called appropriately "flower rosettes"." excerpt from the introduction.

Published by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1969 | Paperback

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  • 89 pages plus 48 pages of plates and 48 pages of figures. pages
  • Book Condition: Signs of wear on the cover, spine and back cover. The front and back cover are slightly rolling outwards.
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