Ming and Ch’ing Porcelain from the Collection of the T.Y. Chao Family Foundation

Julian Thompson (editor)

Catalogue of an exhibition of one hundred selected pieces of Chingtechen Porcelain of the Ming and Ch'ing Dynasties from the Collection of the T.Y. Chao Family Foundation.

"This present exhibition tries to portray the achievements of the potters of Chingtechen, the largest and the most important porcelain production centre in China. Of the twenty-one major kilns throughout the whole history of Chingtechen, fifteen belonged to the period from the Hung Wu era (1368-1398) to the Ch'ien Lung era (1736-1796), showing that the peak period of porcelain production at Chingtechen covered the greater part of the Ming Dynasty and the first half of the Ch'ing Dynasty. The one hundred selected items of fine Chinese ceramics in this exhibition were all produced during this peak period. Hence, they represent the major types and forms of porcelain wares produced by the Chingtechen kilns at their best, and were selected from the collection of the T.Y. Chao Family Foundation. They are all of a quality hard to excel." excerpt from the preface by Laurance C.S. TAM, Curator, Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Published by Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1978 | Hardcover

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  • 106 pages
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