Oriente: December 2002 - No. 4

Fundação Oriente

Several articles by renowned scholars in both English and Portuguese language, beginning with an Editor's Note and including

'The Rose and the Nightingale: Love Imagery in Persian and Portuguese Art' by Jessica Hallett

'Faces of Goa: Representational Strategies in Sixteenth-century Chronicles' by Ana Paula Avelar

'Jesuit Churches on Nambam Screens' by Sofia Diniz

'Bhutan Revisited: References to a Jesuit Presence in the Kingdom of the Dragon' by Carlos Guímaro

'Exhibitions of the Sacred Body of St. Francis Xavier and Industrial and Agricultural Exhibitions in Goa' by Filipa Vicente

'Geiko and Maiko, Japan 2001' by Margarida Correia

'Aspects of East Asian Buddhism' by Frank Landt

'Portuguese Trade in the Timor Region during the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century' by André Teixeira

'New Considerations on the Battle of Diu' by José Virgílio Pissara

'Macao: from Identity to Interculturality' by Rui Rocha

'The Orient Document and Information Centre' by Margarida Lopes and Nelson Ferreira

followed by sections of 'Books Reviews' and 'News'

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