Oriente: August 2005 - No. 12

Fundação Oriente

Several articles by renowned scholars, in both english and portuguese language, including

'Is South Asia a Composite Culture?: Hindus and Muslims at the Cross-Road' by Jackie Assayag

'The Portuguese and Violence in the Indian Ocean: Some Second Thoughts' by Michael Pearson

'The Architectures of Goa: Means of Conservation' by Ângelo Silveira

'Family Service in the Estado Português da Índia of the Marquis of Montalvão, First President of the Overseas Council' by Lorraine White

'Diu: a Meeting Place' by Inês Lourenço

'New China' by Pedro Guimarães

'Ganymede and Fortune. Examples of Themes from Classical Mythology in Sino-Portuguese Embroidered Textiles' by Maria João Ferreira

Followed by sections of 'Book Reviews', 'Varia' and 'News'.

Published by Fundação Oriente, Portugal, August 2005 | Paperback Magazine

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