Persian Painting: Five Royal Safavid Manuscripts of the Sixteenth Century

Stuart Cary Welch

Classical painting flourished in Iran during the sixteenth century under the aegis of the Safavid Shahs.

The forty-eight colour plates reproduced here represent the most unusual and dazzling miniatures painted during this period. A semi-nomadic people of luxuriant taste, the Iranian nobility created a life-style of world within magical world: brocade tents in which the Shah and his man feasted mid-battle were ptiched in the desert; palaces opened onto fountains and gardens; lovers, bathers, game-players, and warriors all had their place within a single panorama. The artists captured it all, often spending months filling in their small paintings with minute detail to render the whole world on a single page. With their unique techniques, they applied lapis lazuli, malachite, silver, and gold throughout their art. In these exquisitely portrayed settings, a world of great luxury and delicacy unfolds on every folio - each realized in the shimmering, jewel-like paintings that delight the eye and please the mind. The author traces the historical developments of Safavid Rule, provides commentaries on each painting, and clarifies the fine points

Published by George Blazier, New York, 1996 | Paperback

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