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Catalogue with pieces shown at the Gallery of Ancient Chinese Paintings in Shanghai Museum, China.

"Chinese painting has a deep-rooted tradition and a unique style, employing a "dots and lines" structure and having as its main tools the writing brush, inkstick, silk and Xuan paper. Chinese painting developed from the Warring States period (475-221 BC) to the Qin and Han dynasties (221BC - AD 220). Paintings depicting the human figure emerged as early as the Warring States period and attained maturity during the Wei, Jin, the Northern and Southern Dynasty periods (AD 220 - 589). The Tang and Song dynasties (AD618-1279) saw the zenith of paintings of portraits, landscapes, flowers and birds.(.) Literari painting rose to prominence in the Song dynasty (AD960-1279). In the Yuan dynasty (AD1279-1368), it became the mainstream of Chinese painting.(.) In the Ming, and Qing dynasties (AD 1368-1911), two prevailing trends emerged: imitation of the past and creative innovation." excerpt from the introduction.

Published by Shanghai Museum, China, 1996 | Paperback

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