The Ceramic Art of Great Britain

Llewellynn Jewitt

"When some twenty years ago at the instance of my dear friend Mr S.C. Hall, I began my series of papers in the Art Journal upon the various famous earthenware and porcelain works of the kingdom, but little had been done in that direction, and the information I got together from time to time had to be produced from original sources, by prolonged visits to the places themselves and by numberless applications to all sorts of people from whom even scraps of reliable matter coould be obtained. Books on the subject were not many, and the information they contained on English Ceramics was meagre in the extreme. Since then numerous workers have sprung up, and their published volumes - many of them sumptuous and truly valuable works - attest strongly to the interests and pains they have taken in the subject. To all these, who ever they may be, the world owes a debt of gratitude for devoting their time and their talents to so important a branch of study. No work, has, however, until now been entirely devoted to the one subject of British Ceramics and I feel therefore in presenting my present volumes to the public I am only carrying out the plan I at first laid down, and am not even in the slightest degree encroaching on the province of any other writer. I think I may safely say there is scarcely a manufacture - even if there be one at all - in the length and breadth of the kingdom with whom I have not frequently communicated in the progress of this work. Except in some few solitary instances I have received the information I have sought, and my inquiries have met with the most cordial and ready response." introduction from the first editio by Llewellynn Jewitt, Winster Hall, Derbyshire, November 1877.


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