The World in Colours: an exhibition of ceramics with coloured decoration

dating from 700 to 1920 belonging to members of the Oriental Ceramic Society

Rose Kerr; Sheila Canby; Phillip Allen; Anthony du Boulay; Jean Martin(catalogue entries)

Catalogue from the exhibition in 2006 held at the Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies, London.; Selection and catalogue committees: Rose Kerr, Chair and Editor (formerly V&A Museum); Jessica Harrison-Hall (British Museum); Sheila Canby (British Museum); Stacey Pierson (Percival David Foundation); Scott Rosemary (Christie's), Anthony du Boulay (formerly Christie's); Phillip Allen (Collector) and Jean Martin.

The previous exhibition organised by the Oriental Ceramics Society in 2003, was devoted to the use of cobalt to paint designs on white porcelain wares that were then fired to a high temperature after the application of colourless glaze. This blue and white Chinese porcelain had a profound and lasting influence on ceramics made in Asia and Europe, but this new exhibition explores other methods of decorating ceramics had been used in China and elsewhere long before cobalt was introduced. The earliest ceramics in the exhibition date to the Tang dynasty (618-906), and the latest to the early decades of the 20th century when modern design schools had started to operate in China. Over 220 ceramic pieces from members of the Oriental Ceramic Society illustrate the 1,400 years between these two dates. Colourful Song, Ming and Qing dynasty wares are shown alongside vessels from Japan, Vietnam, the Middle East and Europe, to illustrate the immense impact China had on world ceramics.

Published by Oriental Ceramic Society, 2006 | Paperback

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