The Years in Exile of Queen Amélia, Os anos de exílio da Rainha D. Amélia

Colecção Rémi Fénérol

José Alberto Ribeiro

Catalogue for exhibition at Casa-Museu Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves, Lisbon

Excerpt from presentation of exhibition by the director of Casa-Museu Anastácio Gonçalves, José Alberto Ribeiro

‘The history of what is today the Rémi Fénérol Collection began as a unique act of preservation of the memory of Queen D. Amélia, by those who served her through the years, sometimes for more than one generation, both in Portugal and in the years of exile in England and France. The inheritance that was unclaimed by her closest relatives after her death, mostly because it was not contemplated in her last will, as well as many of the objects that the queen generously offered to her servants during her life, was stored in the attic of the Girard-Souza-Moreau family, the Jouve family and others to whom these pieces were valued as relics to be safely kept. The interest of collecting everything related to D. Amélia emerged when the current collector assisted to the presentation of the lots of pieces that came from the Jouve family and were to be auctioned at Puy in the 1980s. After all, D. Amélia was not only the great granddaughter of King Louis Phillip of Orleans, but also the Queen of Portugal. In that moment, the current collection began to be shaped. Throughout the years, pieces bought to other owners who also served the queen, as well as objects that had been passed down to her relatives and that were later placed in auctions, were added to this collection.

This collection has particular characteristics that distinguish it from the majority of collections due to the more-or-less intact way in which most part of the objects were kept for decades.

The objects that were chosen for the exhibition are a small part of a larger collection, owned by a collector who amasses various types of artworks: clothing, small collection objects, paintings, photography, books, documents and sections of the Queen’s diary.’

Published by Casa-Museu Dr. Anastácio Gonçalves, Portugal, Hardcover

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